E-Safety in Computing Curriculum from Childnet

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With new Computing Curriculum requirements now in effect across England schools, this term comes with a renewed emphasis on strengthening a students understanding of digital safety at all ages. While an incredibly important initiative, one key question remains: How?!

In support of educators and this tremendous responsibility, Childnet International with sponsorship from Yahoo, has put together a new, easy to use resource for teaching E-Safety across each of the 4 Key Stages. The “E-Safety in Computing Curriculum” seeks to serve as a starting point for educators; surfacing the best, targeted resources, to help strengthen their approach to teaching each element of E-Safety.

Yahoo respects the incredible level of influence educators have on a child’s development in the world of digital safety. We are proud to support Childnet in this effort to arm educators with the tools they need to continue to inspire and encourage safe online practices!

Check out the new resource now:

E-Safety in Computing Curriculum