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Yahoo Sports Safety Guide

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Basics of the Sports community

  • People of all ages can read Yahoo Sports  articles and offer comments. 
  • People 13 years of age and up can take part in interactive Sports activities, including creating leagues and engaging in Fantasy Sports experiences.

You on Sports

Personalized Team Name: In certain sections of Yahoo Sports, there is a team name that you select and customize. It will display in association with your activity.

Sports profile: This is associated with your team identity on Yahoo Sports. This profile includes the name from your Yahoo ID profile and the image on your Yahoo Profile. You use this sports profile for commenting on message boards and doing mock drafts.

Yahoo profile: To post a comment on Sports articles, sign in with your Yahoo ID. The name you selected on your Yahoo Profile will display with your comments. Manage all of your settings by going to your Yahoo Profile and selecting an action in the settings bar in the upper-right corner of the page, including:

  • Update your account information.
  • Set who can see your profile info.
  • Connect to Facebook or Google.
  • Manage your "About me" and "Interests" sections.
  • Design your cover page by adding an image and an alias name.

What you should know

You can customize your team image/logo: Default logos and images not doing it for you? Personalize your team's logo by uploading custom image. You can also use images or logos from Gravatar, if you want. As always, these should be suitable for viewing by a public audience.

Chat and features are available: Certain areas of Yahoo Sports offer chat functionality to engage with other players. In private leagues, you likely know the people you are playing with, but always be mindful not to share personal information and to be courteous of other players.

Message Boards: Certain areas of Yahoo Sports (such as Fantasy Sports) provide message boards to share your knowledge and expertise around a range of subjects, including being a commissioner and picking drafts. These are public forums, so be careful not to share personal information. If you post a topic or reply to a topic, you can view your postings by opening the My Posts tab on the message board view. Want to remove something you've posted? Simply click Remove next to your content to have it taken down from public view.

Notifications: Yahoo Sports offers notification settings so you can stay on top of everyday Sports articles as well as your Fantasy activity. To view and edit your notifications, visit the Notification Center and click Manage.  More about how to enable notifications.

If you use the Yahoo Sports app, alerts can also be enabled/adjusted to keep you on top of your activity.

There’s a mobile app: You can have access to Yahoo Sports wherever you need or want it. Check out an overview of the Yahoo Sports App and how to use its features.

Sports safety: best practices

Report Abuse: If you see something that concerns you in Yahoo Sports, such as comments or the leagues, use the Report Abuse feature to bring it to our team's attention.

Keep your personal information- private: Message board, chat, and commenting platforms provide a great way to interact with the community. With that said, be mindful not to share personal information in these forums. Whether public or private, as a best practice, protect information that is valuable to you by not sharing openly in these forums.

For more information about Yahoo Sports, visit Yahoo Help.

For more information on Content Moderation at Yahoo, please visit our Safety Center.