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Yahoo Flickr Safety Guide

Flickr is a photo and video-sharing community run by Yahoo. Millions of members from all over the world are uploading photos and video that they have created, each sharing their unique view of the world. When using Flickr you can post, sort, and share photos and videos you have created with friends, family, and folks from across the globe. 


Basics of the Flickr community

  • Individuals 13 and older are welcome on Flickr.
    • People age 13 to 17 have certain restrictions for their safety, including what types of groups they can access and who can see their content.
  • All member activity is subject to the Flickr Community Guidelines and the Yahoo Terms of Service.

You on Flickr

  • Flickr login ID: Your sign-in ID is the username and password that you use to access your Flickr account.
    • A Yahoo ID is the standard Flickr sign-in ID.
  • Flickr screen name: Your Flickr screen name is your public name, visible to and searchable by everyone on Flickr. It displays when you make a comment or make someone's photo one of your favorites, and it  displays on your profile picture or when you join a Flickr group. Note: It is possible for more than one person to have the same Flickr screen name.

What you should know

How to customize your privacy controls: Flickr empowers the community to control access to content by providing multiple options for adjusting privacy settings on photos, your Flickr profile, and even on commenting and contact preferences. To review these settings, visit your Flickr account page. Some important sections:

Profile settings. You can control your profile privacy settings to dictate who is able to see different parts of your profile. 

Commenting controls. You control who can comment on your public photos and videos. By default,  anyone is able to comment on your photos. You can change this in the privacy setting for comments. If someone posts a comment you don't like, you can just delete it.

Location sharing. Flickr offers geotagging, which shows the locations of your public photos on a map. This means that for each photo you take on the many stops of your European backpacking trip, geotags will show the location where each picture was taken. If you geotag your hometown hangouts on public photos, it's possible to disclose more information than intended. To prevent this, change the location privacy for your photos, or create a geofence (a location with special privacy settings for private places, such as your home or your child's school).

Photo privacy settings. You can adjust the default photo privacy settings to control who can see your photos and videos. Default settings will affect all your Flickr content whether you upload it from a computer or your mobile device. You can also change the privacy level of a specific photo or video: Click the info icon on the specific photo or video.  Choose an option in the drop-down: Public, Private, Friends, Family, or Friends & Family.

Photo EXIF data settings. EXIF data is a record of the settings a digital camera used when taking a photo or video. EXIF data may include camera type, aperture, focal length, and location, among other things. That data is displayed as information on your individual photo pages, and is also accessible by  people you let download your photos. In your privacy settings, you can choose how your EXIF data is displayed.

Content needs to be moderated: Flickr is a diverse and global community made up of many different kinds of people. What's OK to some may not be OK to all. Each community member bears the responsibility of categorizing their content, using the content filters that are available. The safety levels are:

Safe: Content suitable for a global public audience

  • Content is visible to the public and is publicly searchable.

Moderate: Content you do not think is suitable for a global public audience but also does not need to be set to Restricted

  • Content is not publicly searchable.

Restricted: Content is not suitable for a global public audience and definitely should not be seen by kids

  • Content is not publicly searchable and is accessible only to registered individuals over the age of 18.

Flickrmail offers notifications: Flickr has an internal messaging system so that people within the community can message one another. By default, notifications are sent to alert community members of activity. To adjust the settings, go to Notification Emails settings. Be careful not share personal information and do not click on a link from an untrusted source.

People can follow your Flickr activity: Flickr is an interactive community, and admirers along with family and friends can follow the activity of a publicly visible account by visiting the person's photostream, profile, or one of their images, and clicking Follow. To see who may be following you:

  • Hover your mouse over the People tab.
  • Select List.
  • Click Who is following you?

To adjust these settings, visit your account page and adjust your default privacy settings.

Tags for photos: Tags are keywords you add to photos that make the photos easier to find. For organizing, you can add up to 75 tags per photo. Flickr also analyzes images through advanced computer vision algorithms. When a scene, object, or action we recognize is identified, a tag is automatically applied. Tags are always applied with respect to your privacy settings.

Flickr safety: best practices

Post with care: The Flickr community is ever growing. As you upload content, be sure to know which privacy settings you have selected and how visible the content will be to the general public. You can also choose to opt out of your content being searchable on third-party sites.

Block unwanted individuals: Sometimes we just don't want to interact with someone. By blocking a community member, that person can no longer interact with you or your photos. There are three ways to block a person:

  1. Click the "Block [membername]" link on the Person menu.
  2. Click the "Block this person?" link on the person's profile page.
  3. Delete a comment on one of your photos. (You'll see the option to block the person, too.)

To see the people you've blocked, click the link at the bottom of your contact list.

SafeSearch: You can control what kind of content shows up on your Flickr searches. By default, SafeSearch is enabled on your account, which leaves restricted and moderate content out of the results. When you are signed in, this feature can help ensure you and your family are not exposed to adult content. Learn more about SafeSearch.

Report abuse: The Flickr staff works with the community to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. If you see something you feel violates the Terms of Service or the Community Guidelines, report it by doing the following:

Flagging a photo

  1. Go to the photo's page.
  2. At the bottom-right corner of the page, click Flag this photo.
  3. Check the "I don't think this photo is flagged at the appropriate level" checkbox.
  4. Click Submit.

   The Flickr staff will review the photo in question.

If you come across content that you think might be illegal or prohibited, use the Report Abuse system instead.

Reporting abuse

  1. At the bottom of any Flickr page under "Community," click Report abuse.
  2. Select the issue from the pull-down menu.

For more information about Yahoo Flickr, visit Yahoo Help.

For more information on Content Moderation at Yahoo, please visit our Safety Center.