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Tools to Block and Report Content on Yahoo

  • Posted by Yahoo Safety

At Yahoo, we care about your safety. Part of that commitment includes providing you with the tools you may need to achieve your best experience with our products.

We’re all different and in communities with many perspectives, sometimes you may see things you don’t like or don’t agree with. In these instances, Yahoo provides tools to help you tailor the content you see.

Below are new videos created to help you better understand some of these tools when Commenting on Yahoo and using some of our most popular products like Yahoo Answers, Flickr, and Yahoo Mail.

We hope these videos help you to continue to build up your Yahoo daily habits, with safety in mind.



 Block or report content in comments on Yahoo

 Block or report content in Yahoo Answers

 Block or report content on Flickr (Web)

 Block or report content on Flickr (iOS)

 Block or report content on Flickr (Android)