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Location safety guide

Location Services Safety Tips

Before using location services, here are some considerations to ensure that you're sharing only what you want to.

  • What is "Revenge Porn"?

    Revenge Porn (Non-Consensual Pornography) is a gross invasion of an individual's privacy. Learn more about Yahoo's policy regarding this type of abuse and the support resources available.

    Password Tips


    Don't let your password fall into the wrong hands.

    Protect Your Privacy

    Your password is more than just a key to your online account. Choose strong passwords and keep them safe.

    Privacy Tools on Yahoo

    Yahoo tools offer the ability to customize your account so that you control the information you want to share.

    Protecting Your Child’s Identity

    Protect your child's identity

    Minimize your child’s ID theft risks.

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    Your Yahoo ID and Aliases

    Your Yahoo ID helps you to identify yourself and customize your experience. Find out more about how it's used across Yahoo.