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What is "Revenge Porn"?

What is Non-Consensual Pornography?

Non-Consensual Pornography, often referred to as “Revenge Porn,” is the distribution of sexually graphic content of a person without their consent. This can include video, images, or content that has been altered to appear as sexually graphic. It may include identifying information about the person, making the content easily discoverable and often impacting the victim’s life at home, school or at work.

What is Yahoo’s policy on this type of content?

Yahoo deeply respects the privacy of our users and takes matters of abuse very seriously. We are committed to providing an enjoyable and harassment-free experience on our network, and as part of that commitment, Non-Consensual Pornography is not tolerated.

What can I do if I see this type of content on Yahoo?

Yahoo provides tools to report this type of content to our attention so we can investigate and take appropriate action. It does not matter who took the picture, if you know the person who posted it, or if it was shared without your consent. If you see this content on Yahoo, find out how to report it.

If I am a victim, what other resources are available?

We know that learning of someone sharing an intimate image without consent can be devastating. The following organizations offers support and resources for victims:

Cyber Civil Rights Initiative National Helpline: (844-878-CCRI) 24/7 telephone support and advice for victims affected by Non-Consensual Pornography.
Without My Consent: Educational materials to fight online harassment.
End Revenge Porn: Support for people whose intimate photos or videos have been disseminated online without their consent.

For additional information on crisis resources available, visit our Crisis Resource page.