1. Safety Center: Privacy and Identity

Privacy Tools on Yahoo

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Customize your Yahoo account so that you can control the information that you want to share, with the privacy tools found on these pages:

My Account: On this page, you can edit information you gave when you registered with Yahoo. The page has contact and email information and options to manage the third parties you have authorized to access your account. You can also create a sign-in seal to help make your account more secure, and find other tools.

Opt Out of Ad Matching: Whenever possible, Yahoo ensures that the advertisements you see are personalized to your interests, based on your activity on Yahoo and your expressed preferences. On this page, you can opt out of this customization, but if you do, the ads you see may not be so relevant or useful.

Marketing Preferences: On this page, you can manage the types of messages we send you and how we send them. You can select categories of interest for special marketing communications, offers from third parties, and subscriptions to Yahoo newsletters.


For information about how Yahoo treats your personal information, check out the Yahoo Privacy Center.