Help! I think I've been phished!

  • Posted by Yahoo Safety

If you think that you've given confidential personal information to a phishing site, then follow these guidelines to help prevent your information from being used illegally by fraudsters. Don't delay – fraudsters can move quickly to take over your account and do substantial damage.

I think my Yahoo ID was phished!

If you think that you entered your Yahoo ID and password on a phishing site, then follow these steps:

  • Change your Yahoo password immediately:

    • Type in your browser's URL bar.
    • Sign in to Yahoo.
    • Click the tools icon and click the Account Info link.
  • On the Account Info page under the security section, click the Change your password link, and follow the instructions.

    • If your password no longer works, tell us so that we can start the account recovery process.
    • On the Account Info page, verify the rest of your account information; be sure that any contact phone numbers or secondary email addresses are correct.
    • On the Account Info page, go to "Update password-reset info" and change your questions and answers.
  • Report the phishing email or website that tricked you.

I think I gave my bank account or credit card information to a phisher!

If you suspect that you might have entered any financial information at a phishing site, contact your financial institution immediately.