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Your Yahoo ID and Aliases

  • Posted by Yahoo Safely


Your Yahoo ID is a passport to many great products and features that affect your life. Whether it's your Yahoo Mail account, checking your portfolio on Yahoo Finance or posting your holiday photos on Flickr, your Yahoo ID helps you to identify yourself and customise your experience.

Sometimes, situations arise in which you'd like to use a different identity. That's where aliases are useful. Aliases are unique IDs that can be given out instead of your original Yahoo ID. If you don't want to create a brand-new account, you can create an alias to mask your main Yahoo ID when communicating with others.

With an alias, you can use a different identity while keeping your original Yahoo ID and all of its settings intact. Learn more about creating aliases.

As a privacy feature, there are some sites, such as Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Sports, where you can use the nickname of your choice. This nickname serves as your identity while on that site. In these situations, the name that you select doesn't have to be unique.

With the many different ways to share online, it's important to pay attention to how you're posting in different places. Being smart about the information that you reveal about yourself can help you stay safer and can contribute to building a positive reputation online.