1. Safety Guides

Yahoo Sports Safety Guide

Basics of the Sports community

  • People of all ages can read Yahoo Sports articles and submit comments. 
  • People ages 13 and older can take part in interactive Sports activities, including creating leagues and engaging in Fantasy Sports experiences.

You on Sports

Personalised team name: In certain sections of Yahoo Sports, there is a team name that you select and customise. It will be displayed in association with your activity.  

Sports safety: Best practices

Report abuse: If you see something that concerns you on Yahoo Sports, such as in comments or in the leagues, use the Report abuse feature to bring it to our team's attention.

Keep your personal information private: Message boards, chat and commenting platforms provide a great way to interact with the community. However, be mindful not to share personal information in these forums. Whether public or private, as a best practice, protect information that is valuable to you by not sharing openly in these forums.

For more information about Yahoo Sports, visit Yahoo Help.