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Safer Internet Day 2016: Play Your Part for a Better Internet

  • Posted by Yahoo Safety

At Yahoo, we strive to ensure our users are enjoying and creating safe and meaningful experiences everyday. On February 9th, we're excited to join our industry partners in support of Safer Internet Day 2016 and share some of our efforts surrounding the event.

Our Safety Center empowers all of our users to learn how they can protect themselves online and foster good digital citizenship. Our resources are designed to ensure that as our users begin to explore the digital world, they are asking the right questions and armed with the right tools.

We encourage you to learn more about featured resources available to you and your community and ask yourself what part you will play toward building a better internet.

Free for Download: Education Packs

Are you wondering how to do your part? In Yahoo's ongoing commitment to online safety, we've sponsored the development of Educations Packs in collaboration with the UK Safer Internet Centre. These education packs, which are free for download, are designed to encourage and empower primary age and secondary age youth, as well as parents, to do their part to make the internet a better place. They provide resources including activities, lesson plans, presentations, posters and more to equip you to share this information with you own family and community. 

Are you looking for additional resources? The Yahoo Safety Center is updated year-round with tips on how to create a meaningful, trustworthy and safer online experience. We believe that technology opens up unlimited possibilities. And everyone, be they parents, kids, teachers, or teams at Yahoo can build a better internet together.