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Tips For Sharing Safely

Whether by email, text, or social network, it is easier than ever to share information almost instantly. In today’s digital world, people have more opportunity to be connected to each other and to the world around them. Keep these simple tips in mind so you can share what matters to you, safely.

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Think BIG picture before you share

Once something is posted in a public space online, like it or not, you can quickly lose control of it. Just like it’s easy for you to post a picture or comment, it’s just as easy for someone to copy it, share it, edit it, and post it in other places.

Keep personal details private

There are just some things worth keeping offline. For your security, never share your passwords or account security information- even with a trusted friend. Relationships change and ultimately you are your best advocate. Choosing to keep these details private can help you better maintain control over the important information they protect.

Connect with care

The reputation you build online is not confined to the digital world. What you have shared may be referenced as you are considered for school, employment, and other opportunities. You are empowered to build a digital reputation you can be proud of. Choose to promote positivity and share things that reflect well on you. Encourage a better online experience for all--by example.   

Know your settings

Privacy settings vary between sites and can change over time. Awareness is key. Be aware of how your information is handled and what you can control. Knowledge is Power and in this case--it’s safety! Use your privacy settings to help ensure you’re sharing with the right people. For information on available tools through Yahoo, check out Privacy Tools on Yahoo as well as our Yahoo Safety Guides

Be an Upstander not a Bystander

You may see inappropriate content or behavior online and when you do, you have a chance to make a difference. You can choose to stand up and report bad behavior or abuse when you see it. And remember, whenever you report abusive content on Yahoo, your anonymity is protected.