1. Safety Guide

Yahoo Media Sites Safety Guide

Yahoo encourages you to share your voice with the community. From posting your thoughts on a celebrity's outfit to giving your opinion on breaking news, commenting platforms let you interact with different communities about the topics that you care about.

Yahoo sites that offer commenting capabilities include:

Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Celebrity, Yahoo Food, Yahoo Games, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Music, Yahoo News, Yahoo Screen, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Travel, Yahoo Tech

Basics of the community

  • Individuals of all ages are welcome to share their comments.
  • All activity is governed by the Yahoo Terms of Service and the Comment Guidelines.


What you should know

Your comments are public: Everything posted as commentary on an entertainment site is public. Don't hesitate to add to the community and have fun, but as you post, be sure that the content you post is appropriate for all ages. Check out the Comment Guidelines for tips to guide your experience.

You can tell us what you think: Next to each comment, you can see thumbs-up and thumbs-down icons. This feature helps define which content should be visible. Give a comment a thumbs-up rating when you think the content adds value to the community. Give a thumbs-down when you think it does not .


Yahoo commenting safety: best practices

Post with care: As a member of the Yahoo community, what you post can be viewed publicly. Remember this when you post. Choose not to share personal information, and try to be a positive member of the community.

Report abuse: If you see something that needs to be brought to Yahoo's attention, such as comments that are inappropriate or abusive in nature, look for the link nearby that says Report Abuse, Report or Flag. To submit a report:

  1. Locate the comment or photo in question, and click the Report Abuse link (or Flag or Report) for the entry.
  2. If you're asked to sign in, sign in and click Report Abuse again.
  3. A thank-you message displays.
  4. In the dialog box, click the word here for more serious forms of abuse. 
  5. Select the type of violation you are reporting.
  6. Click Report.
  7. - A thank-you message displays, and you're done.