March is Fraud Prevention Month!

  • Posted by Yahoo Safety

You just received a call from an unknown caller advising that you've won a vacation, but you don't remember entering a contest.

You're called on the phone by a business that specializes in selling timeshares--they are offering you enormous profit margins in exchange for you selling your time share.

If these situations seem too good to be true--it's because they likely are.

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These types of vacation scams are just one of the many types of fraud that the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre is highlighting this March for Fraud Prevention Month. We're proud to highlight the many resources that they have to help prevent and report fraud. You can watch videos and try quizzes that will teach you ways to protect yourself, your business or your organization from spam and other electronic threats.

Check back every week for special bulletins with information on different types of scams, as well as guidance on how to protect yourself from those scams.

Learn more about what to do if you see fraud on Yahoo.