Cyberbullying and online safety support

  • Posted by Yahoo7 Safety

Online safety is an important area of education for everyone.

The Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner leads online safety education for the Australian Government in the effort to protect Australian children should they experience cyberbullying.

As part of this mission, they launched a new online resource offering education and support for cyberbullying and online safety. The resource offers an array of information as well as a complaints scheme to allow them to directly deal with complaints about prohibited online content.

Check out this important new resource at their new website as well as some additional information below:

- Form to lodge a cyberbullying complaint

- Video on ‘Lodging a cyberbullying complaint’

As always, Yahoo7 cares about your safety while online. For information on how to use Yahoo7 products while keeping safety in mind, check out other content on our Yahoo7 Safety Centre.